Saturday, July 29, 2017


More "Wonder Woman."  Continuing from yesterday, Aries is winning in the mano a mana fight with Diana, Wonder Woman.  He takes a breathier and asks her why she is trying to destroy him? Duh!  But then he gives evil's side to the situation.  He says to her that he does not cause people to do all this violence in WWI.  He simply shows them or makes available to them, what they can be capable of.  But he does not force them.  They can "choose" for themselves.  He has a point.  All of us have character defects or faults or negative feelings from time to time.  We can fell angry, jealous, gluttonous, fearful, greedy, lustful, too prideful, and so on.  If we have a transforming spiritual practice, such as meditation, twelve step program, we will be aware of these feelings, but will have the power to not let their energy control our actions or responses to the world around us.  We will feel jealous or fearful, but simply note it, and disengage from its energy.  In WWI Christians were killing Christians.  Lots of people going to church and believing in creeds, but this does not go deep enough. Lots of church membership, but not much discipleship.  Love is especially difficult when there is so much negative energy around us.  Christians call it the cross.

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