Tuesday, July 11, 2017


What is the one thing most of us would like?  Bigger closets.  I am always amazed to find an apartment with a walk in closet.  I would fill it up, I am sure.  I guess I have what one might call "possession obsession."  Priest closets in old rectories tend to be rather small.  It was expected that "father" would be into a simple life-style.  Well, I am a priest, but I don't think I saved that memo.  My closet in San Francisco is bulging with my stuff, but as I look at all my things, I say, "I need all this stuff," for one reason or another.  Different climates require different stuff.  Instead of one pair of corduroys that I have to keep washing and then replacing, why not four pair, so I don't have to wash or shop so much?  Running shoes could fill up a closet.  Each pair has a purpose.  In Boulder, I have another closet that is rather full of stuff too.  If you are as hopeless as me, wait until you move.  That is the best time to divest.  Meanwhile, I ask myself if my daily life is going to be like my closets, all cluttered with stuff in my head and things to do list?  I try to at least declutter my daily life through prayer, and living within my limitations of what I can do without becoming cluttered with a "must do" list.  Now and again, I give something away that is perfectly good for me use, but to practice a bit of letting go.  I have more than enough things till I die.  I try to spend time and energy on "more" spirituality.

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