Sunday, July 9, 2017

God Views

One view of God by believers is the God of transcendence.  It is dualistic.  In this view, God is invoked.  That is the root meaning of the word, "Gott."  Here prayer is asking God for things, and is usually quite egocentric. I don't mean selfish, but rather it is what you want God to do, to fulfill a desire.  If you judge something as bad, you want God to change it.  In the Catholic Church such people go to communion to make God more immanent, that is, within them, since the prevailing idea is that God is out there.  Another view of God is one of immanence.  Here there is much less asking for things, or petitions, and more meditation, mindfulness, moving away from an ego centered life of fear, desire, clinging, and wants.  God is within from the git go.  God is more an abiding presence than a separate person.  You don't so much invite God to intervene, as you recognize God is present in all reality and events.  Asking here is more to make use of the graces you already have.  Grace is everywhere, not just in seven sacraments. These Catholics tend to go to Communion as a symbolic ritual of being fed by God, and rituals are moments of grace.  We are human. We need rituals.   Either view, transcendent or immanent has value, and some people go between both at times.  But each view is different...very different.

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