Sunday, July 2, 2017


I have friends who are trying to help poor, young people to get a bette life through education and healthy living.  So my friends try to make sure that each person has medical insurance of some type, such as medicaid.  But these sponsors do not focus enough on teeth which are part of the body.  Physicians and dentists do not work much together.  A lot of medical insurance, managed state by state, has little or no provisions for dental care.  It may be available, but it is not required when purchasing medical insurance for the poor.  Plus, many young people have no guidance as to daily maintenance of teeth, much less the opportunity or inclination to see a dentist, who are not always available for the poor.  Yes, it is a mess.  Read Mary Otto's book, "Teeth."  A lot of disease can be prevented or relieved by good oral care.  It is documented.  Catholic schools in the Bronx and suburbs had report cards that required us to go to a dentist for regular checkups.  My Catholic church was proactive teeth.  But when I got to college, and there was no requirement, I stopped going.  Before I joined the Paulists, they required me to go to a dentist.  I was 29 years old.  I had a bunch of cavities and it took two visits for the hygienist  to clean the plaque out.  "What is plaque?" I asked.  Don't be a dummy like me.  Good tooth care will make for better health overall.  And French Kissing passes on a gazillion bacteria.  Just sayin'

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