Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Bad Taste

If someone said that a medicine would take away your suffering, would you reject it because it tastes bad?  Probably not, unless you were an immature child, or always trying to get your own way, which probably led to some of your suffering.  But I find that people who suffer from addiction do just that, they reject the medicine because they don't like it.  The medicine is the twelve steps for recovery.  In spite of their suffering from their addicted behavior, ingesting all kinds of bad things, shooting up and all, they would rather go on with their misery, than take the action of ingesting the twelves steps into their life, their spiritual life.  I keep this in mind when someone tells me that something that is new to me, might help me to have a fuller, happier, deeper life of peace and joy.  I try not to off hand reject something until I have looked into it a bit.  A good day for me is made better when I learn something new, that is not destructive.  

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