Saturday, July 1, 2017

Before Time

There is no "before" time.  This would imply time.  With the Big Bang, time came into existence.  If you prefer Genesis, God did not sit around in heaven with a God watch on the divine wrist, and say, "Tomorrow, lets create light."  God is beyond time.  That is why the Absolute, beyond time, beyond any mental constructs is better than talking about God in some place, at some time, beginning creation.  Well, it is better for the contemplative, if not others who connects to God only through thoughts and images.  We believers in afterlife, think in terms of time.  It is the only way thinking works.  Heaven becomes an eternal day, but day is twenty four hours and requires a sunrise and a sunset.  Eternal life does not have days.  Death is the end of living in time.  I believe there is life after time, but I cannot envision it because my thinking and imagination cannot get beyond what I know, which is always wrapped in time.  Contemplation does not deal in time.  It is beyond the world of mind, thoughts, images, and feelings.  But not beyond Love.

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