Wednesday, July 5, 2017


Fulton Sheen said that you measure generosity by what you have left after you give.  This can apply in things outside of money and charity.  For instance, I may run a really good time for a 5K, but I did not put out all that much effort.  It was just a good day.  I get praised for how well I did based upon the quantity of time I took to complete the race.  But I had a lot left over.  Another time, I will go all out, leave nothing on the course, and my time will be dreadful.  My coach may say, " You are dreadful. You gave nothing of yourself."  But the truth is I gave my all.  I just did not have much that particular day.  Running is sometimes like the widow's mite.  Ya got nothin' but you give it your all.  The results are not much and you get no praise.  Remember this the next time you do your best, in work, relationship, school, or whatever,  but the results seem to be not much.  Call it a "widow mite" effort.

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