Saturday, July 8, 2017

Your Friend

Alcohol wants to be your friend, but it is temperamental, like a lot of people.  If you spend just a little time with it, here and there, alcohol will always come through for you, like a good friend.  It will help you to relax.  Wine will help you to digest and enjoy foods.  But alcohol needs to be left alone by itself a good deal of the time.  People can be like that too.  If you try to spend too much time on any regular basis with your friend alcohol, it will begin to be not so friendly.  It will begin to take things from you that are very precious, simply because you have them.  Alcohol will take your brain cells and then your health, and then your job, and then the people you love or loved.  Alcohol does not need any of these things.  it just got upset that you took so much of its time.  So, if you are an all or nothing kind of person with alcohol, then I would suggest you do the nothing.  And keep all those other things away from temperamental alcohol.

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