Thursday, July 13, 2017

Doubting And Zealous Thomas

Thomas, the so called "Doubting Apostle" reminds me of people who go away on a retreat, say to a monastery setting that is beautiful and quiet, all meals prepared for them and no cleaning.  After a week or so, the retreatant is all fired up, and like Thomas said once, "Let's also go that we might die with him."  This was in reference to Jesus telling his followers that he was going to Jerusalem to suffer death.  Thomas was all fired up to follow Jesus.  People are like that right after their retreats.  Then people go back home where no meals are prepared and no one else cleans.  Their daily plans for happiness are interrupted by the daily chaos of those around them who have other plans or no plans or plans for self-destruction.  Now the ex-retreatant loses their zealousness and it is replaced with disappointment, and whining.  Faith is fading into weak memory.  Like Thomas they begin to doubt if God cares.  "Unless I can put my hand into the wounds, I won't believe," said Thomas.  It is a lot easier to be a follower on a spiritual path when things go your way.  Not so much when real life shows up.  Retreats may be necessary to remind us of how far we have drifted from our spiritual path or goal.  But daily life is where you take up your cross.

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