Friday, July 14, 2017

Ten Virgins

In the parable of the Ten Virgins, five are wise and five are foolish, as the story goes.  The wise ones have common sense, plan ahead, are astute and enterprising.  The foolish ones are none of this, for they bring no extra supplies of oil for their lamps.  They await the wedding party, which is late in arriving, such are wedding events as we all know.  Supply of oil for lamps runs out for the foolish.  What do at the wise say?  Tough.  Shop for some more.  Are they heartless and uncaring?  Depends on why they did not share.  If it was out of spite, to punish, or simple greed, then probably so.  Many people who condemn the "haves" do so because they judge this to be the motive.  But what if the wise virgins acted the way they did to help the foolish to become more wise?  This might be an act of compassion.  A little suffering can cause us to change our ways.  A lot of suffering can bring an alcoholic to recovery.  Co-dependence will never change the foolish.  Now some people are truly destitute or helpless in a particular situation.  It may be temporary.  These would require help.  But foolish people don't seem to change unless they have to.  I have found it so.

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