Sunday, July 30, 2017

Potluck Day

I like this one.  Think of each day as a "Potluck Day."  Say what?  Well, when you go to a potluck you are supposed to bring something good and tasty for others.  You add to the occasion by more than your physical presence.  That is what makes a potluck successful.  All takers and no givers is a disaster.  So what will you bring to today, that is good for others and more than your physical presence?  Especially if your physical presence is a bit low energy or crabby, you can still bring something to nourish others.  Crab salad?  In a potluck day attitude, you come into contact with another person or persons, and ask about themselves, how they are doing, rather than use their presence to unload the misery of your own perceived suffering.  I listen much better to a person's whining if they bring me a cappuccino.  I do not listen so good if it is lima beans, though I am learning to enjoy them when they are soaked in butter.  Enough about me.  How is your day?

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