Sunday, June 7, 2020

Alban Butler

Alban Butler, who wrote “Butler’s Lives Of The Saints,” was not much interested in saints’ miracles but rather how their lives were examples of “Come follow me,” which is what Jesus said to those around him.  But so much for Butler because most people seem to be more interested in the miracles. That is why they pray to the saints to get stuff, like healing, or a parking space, or a job, or a better teenage child and so on.  Fewer are the ones who actually focus on what Jesus said, like in his teaching.  Not too much turning the other check, love your enemies, give one cloak if you have two, and well just read what Jesus said.  For that matter, I suspect it is the same with Buddha.  Many pray to him for stuff, or try and get a feel good from mediation, but not many want to follow his wisdom sayings.  A miracle that challenges me is where you give yourself fully to help another, as did Helen Keller’s teacher. So, quiz: name of teacher and Movie made in 1962?  Extra credit if you know the names of the two actresses.

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  1. Miracle worker Ann Bancroft and Patty Duke.
    Only replied to let you know I do read and enjoy your blog. Thank you.