Monday, June 8, 2020


Someone pointed out a connection between behavior in addicts and chess players.  The connection? You admit you are beaten, but you don’t give up.  In chess, your opponent calls out “Checkmate” when they have you beaten, about to claim your king, though you can make a futile move or two.  You know you are beaten, but you don’t give up and make the futile move.  It is the same with addicts.  Example: the alcohol knows that alcohol has them beaten, and they can never win, but they make some futile moves rather than just surrender and give in.  They try one more way of not drinking or not drinking so much, but nothing works.  Surrender or death, it can be a hard choice.  The insane keep trying to beat alcohol.  Maybe I should learn to play chess.  Oh, just remembered.  I have not had that demon alcohol in 35 years today.  Checkmate.


  1. Happy blessed AA birthday Father Ryan! :) As a dear friend of mine in the rooms always says, "Good for you and good for God".
    We love you very much! :)

  2. Happy AA Birthday Father Terry. My plug in the jug happened 25 yrs yesterday. Always tears of joy when I think about it.