Friday, September 18, 2015

Bob Munson

I went to the funeral today of a man named Bob Munson.  I had read the obit.  His family recently provided me with fresh corn that they grow on their nearby farm.  It is to die for.  As I was listening to the homily I realized that Bob did seemingly too very separate things, but they are connected.  He was an inventor and a farmer.  He invented something that helps people to communicate, that is connect with one another when they are not physically present to each other.  Think of it as an antenna.  Then he grows food that feeds people.  Food brings people together.  So both as an inventor and farmer Bob was a Christ figure or a God figure.  God is always One-ing, bringing people to the realization that we are all connected.  If you believe that Jesus is God, he came into the world for ALL.  Bob shared his farm grown food with the poor, the homeless and the well to do.  His inventions were for the benefit of all people.  Bob was one-ing people from a sense of separation to a sense of oneness.  If we do what gives us life, what you might have a passion for, it will always bring more life to the world around you.  I tend to go to funerals of people who feed me.  What can I say.  I am still working on perfection.  The church was full to overflowing.  I wonder if they were all thinking of Bob and his corn?

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