Sunday, September 6, 2015


There are always bad consequences to getting drunk.  The Bible tells us so.  King Herod threw a birthday party for himself.  He got drunk, but not black out drunk.  He watched his Step-daughter do a dance that pleased him and his guests.  So he boosted, as drunks tend to do, that he would give her anything she wanted, even half his kingdom.  He was pretty drunk.  She asked for the head of someone her mother despised, a fellow named John the Baptist.  The woman was sober, but resentful.  She probably needed Al-Anon, at least.  Anyhow, Herod did not want to disappoint his guests, that is, he did not want to lose face.  He may have had an ego issue.  Why else throw your own party?  John the Baptist lost his head.  We are not sure where his grave is, maybe Samaria.  But we seem to know where several of his heads are!  Great fun to be a Catholic.  Not so great fun to get drunk.  I bet Herod had a doozy of a headache the next day.  But at least he still had his head.  He earned his suffering. John was a victim of consequences.  Alcohol can do that.

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