Friday, February 12, 2016

Alone Time

Jesus was an introvert, so I say.  He got all his inspiration from spending time alone, in solitude, in the workshop or the desert.  Even in the Gospels he would go off by himself and then he would join the people and do things and speak memorable and challenging words.  He upset the status quo, which was probably run by extroverts, full of group participation.  Jesus had only twelve disciples because that was the max with which he felt comfortable in his private teachings.  He intuited that they had potential.  He knew that he needed extroverts, like Peter and introverts like John.  People wonder why Jesus spent those first thirty years in anonymity.  Maybe because he is God and God is an introvert?  God seems happy enough with God.  Mystics say that God's primary language is silence.  Just sayin'

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