Sunday, February 7, 2016


Why do you feel the need to doubt the existence of God or deny that God exists?  In my experience, most of the people who are in these categories are not real atheists of agnostics.  That takes a lot of work or study.  They are people who asked God for help and did not get it to their satisfaction.  Ergo, there is doubt or no God.  In reality, people just wanted God to take away the consequences of their bad behavior, immature actions/decisions, or the results of their flawed personality.  They don't really want to change.  They say, "God, get me out of this and I will never do it again."  In fact they want the consequences removed.  They have no tools for real change.  Once they feel better or at least somewhat removed from suffering consequences, they go right back to bad behavior, bad habits.  Change is at least as hard as studying to become an atheist.  An atheist may yet be on the wrong path, and do good deeds.  But a transformed person is always on the right path, and will do good deeds.  The difference?  The transformed person has seen hell and lived to remember it.  The past is a great teacher.

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