Friday, February 5, 2016


Men's fashion shows a marked decrease in tidying up, as in not tucking your shirt into your pants.  Actually, I think it is fashion trying to catch up with culture.  As guys get older biologically, more of them are staying children in the way they dress.  Matching color schemes is a bother, as is looking "neat," whatever that might be.  If not for Moms, most boys would run out of the house with whatever they grabbed to put on, with the least effort.  So why not move into grown up look?  Neat, without wrinkles, tucked in, color scheme matched.  There is much less of a need to grow up into the adult male world of suits and ties, or casual looks.  Silicon Valley does not care what you wear.  They are only looking for smarts in their field of business.  Shaving?  Out.  At least not on a daily basis.  There is a tendency to stay a boy in a man's body.  Social skills?  Not so necessary.  There is the daily routine of ignoring all these useful growing up skills.  Cleaning your room would be out too.  Spiritual life?  Too much effort in a life that is sparing about effort.  I find that a regular spiritual practice for me is the tidying up of my soul or innards.  If I give myself some soul maintenance, I find that other things tend to fall into place.  Laundry, cleaning up my personal space, being kind...tucking in my pants.  Ladies, if any of this is important to you, the available men is a diminishing species.  Of course, you might already have married one of these boys in men's body.

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