Sunday, February 14, 2016

Class Pods

I am so glad that I went to school the old fashion way in the Bronx.  Desks lined up, I looked ahead at the back of someone's head.  I was never in the front row, a place of exposure.  Quiet was rewarded.  I learned in quiet with little interaction.  I did not become a mass murderer.  Now I go into schools and the new way is desk pods.  Four desks in a little group.  Learn to team build and interact.  Well, it may get you into Harvard, but if you are an introvert, it will be a stressful time.  Helicopter parents worry about their kids becoming "loners," lacking social skills, which seems to equate with being unpopular, which will lead to becoming a mass murderer, unemployed, and not fulfilling one's potential.  I might have survived this new way of organized pod class if I was paired with one child, but who was also an introvert.  I have extrovert friends, but we don't spend all day five days a week together.  Some of us need our quiet time, our solitude, to prepare us for activities that call for more interaction with groups.  I always pray before going to coffee and donuts.

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  1. The fast lane multi-tasking extroverts prob'ly need down time the most, and are least likely to take it