Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Helen Klein Ross wrote a new novel, "What Was Mine."  A childless woman kidnaps a baby and raises it.  I won't give away the plot.  It is a really good read.  My point is about Mercy versus Punishment.  The Pope is talking about "God Is Mercy," which is the Pope's new book by the way.  You might think, without reading Ross's novel, that the kidnapper must be put into jail as the law would stipulate.  Laws seem to be about punishment for crimes.  There seems to be something called Restorative justice.  Read the novel first.  I hope it makes you think.  Read the Pope's #2 best seller, non-fiction, and you might think even more.  I am expanding my horizons, plus reading good books.  Ross' book is a page turner to find out what happens.  Enjoy.

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