Saturday, February 13, 2016

Bobby Cronin

Growing up a little boy in the Bronx I was very comfortable playing with one person.  Bobby Cronin lived on the next street over.  I could walk around the block, the long way, to his house, or I could climb over the fence, forbidden, behind our apartment house backyard, the short way.  I did the forbidden way most of the time.  I never confessed, so I guess I burn.  But anyway, I did fine with Bobby.  We were both introverts.  We could talk, come up with inventive games and adventures, and feel bonded. It was in groups that I was lost.  I did not feel comfortable with all these people at once.  I don't know how to relate in "crowds" as I call it.  I was not being prepared for college mixers.  Maybe that is why I became a priest?  But priests are supposed to be in crowds and comfortable among the many.  No wonder I love to spend my summers in a monastery.

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