Monday, February 29, 2016

Modern Approach

In the New York Times Science section recently there is an article about approaches to getting off of drugs and alcohol substances.  It fits our more modern world that is eliminating a God, or in 12 step programs, A Higher Power.  Instead of a spiritual solution, the article speaks about therapy and also medications.  There are other things too, but none of them require any God ideas.  You get rid of the addictive substances and chemicals, but replace them with other chemicals that I guess are not supposed to be addictive.  This all may work.  No need to believe, except in the program offered.  I went to therapy and learned a lot of very helpful stuff.  I exercise.  I eat only dark chocolate.  But I don't think I would be truly well without a God of some sort, at least one to whom I can relate.  Prayer has made all the difference.  For me, knowledge and lifestyle avails me something, but it has to be grounded in a spiritual practice on a daily basis.  But I am just a sample of one.

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