Thursday, February 11, 2016

Openning Greeting

Why must we do this opening greeting at the beginning of church worship service?  Introverts like me don't much care for it.  It is not done in monasteries.  Those places are full of introverts.  But a lot of churches like to begin with this "feeling community" or building community.  We introverts don't move so fast on making connections and do not care to have it sprung on us.  We are comfortable being quiet.  If you had no big opening hymn, we would survive quite well.  We are sociable, but not so inclined to participate suddenly in group dynamics.  "We are community" as the teaching seems to say, but are fine being among people and listening in a quiet way in church.  I think lots of ministers are trained to be extroverts, even if they are not.  I could sing more easily at the beginning of the service if we all sat and slowly sang a simple chant over and over.  It is just that there is so much so soon and so sudden that puts introverts on edge.  I speak only for me of course.  I know God ought to be praised.  Just don't start in fourth gear.

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