Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Wreckage Of The Future

When I am living in fear I tend to live in what some people call, "The Wreckage of the future."  I cannot live in any appreciation of the present.  I am focused on the future and it is not going to be good.  Mind you, the future is not real or even guaranteed, yet I ask God to fix it up or make it better for me.  God lives in the present, not the future.  The future does not exist, but I waste time there anyway, and I worry.  An example: I have no time to get everything done today.  The day will become a mess, full of chaos and failure on my part.  Everything is fine now, but the rest of the day will be a mess.  Another: if I don't make this reservation right now, I will get nothing, or pay a terribly high price I cannot afford.  Rush, rush or else.  Another: I am on a waiting list for the elementary school my child must go to.  My child won't get in, I just know it.   This elementary school is a must,  or else no chance for a good college.  No job for my child.  My child will be unemployed and never leave home.  Another: my stomach aches.  I have cancer, I just know it.  I am going to die and have to make out a will before it is too late.  And so it goes.  I have to stay in the present, in acceptance and the pluses that are part of my life now.  Now is all that I have.  It is enough.  God and my friends are in the now.

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