Wednesday, May 11, 2016

A NIght Game

I went to my first night game at Giants baseball stadium in San Francisco.  Like many San Francisco evenings, there was a cold wind coming off the ocean.  I dressed up in layers, topped by my thickest winter coat, gloves and two ski caps, one over the other.  When I met my two long time friends, they laughed at me in my winter garb.  They had on their Giants' baseball logo jackets.  Walking over to the ballpark, and all during the game, I was comfortable.  No one around me dressed as I did.  I did not care.  I was not dressing to fit in to everyone's else style.  I was dressing for me to be comfortable in my body.  It is the same with religion.  In some ways I do not fit in to a norm.  But I am in my relationship and practice with God that seems to suit me.  I am not into someone else's practice.  Charismatic prayer is fine but it is not for me.  I am more of a contemplative, but that is not for everyone.  I simply invite people or tell them about my practice.  We are all God connected.  This connects us with one another.  We just have different ways of traveling the road.  Control is not important to me anymore.

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