Thursday, May 12, 2016

My Happiness

I hear people say that they get angry, impatient, resentful and generally upset when people, places and situations don't conform to certain behaviors or results.  Whenever I find this happening in myself I realize that I have assigned my happiness to someone else.  It has become their job to make me happy.  But they did not get the memo.  When I am more spiritually fit, I realize that the job of my happiness is mine and not someone or something else.  We go places, do things, and spend time with others in order to be happy.  We are dooming ourselves to disappointment.  Too many things have to go just right for us to be happy.  They never do.  I wake up and say, "It is raining or cloudy or windy.  This upsets my plans.  I am unhappy."  Is the weather in charge of my happiness?  Is God?  So many people are angry with God because God did not make them happy.  God loves us.  That is God's job.  Happiness is mine.

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