Sunday, May 8, 2016


Dogma can become an attempt to make the unknown known.  Why do we do this?  One reason is that it gives us some sense of control.  The downside is that we box the infinite, which cannot be boxed, by our boundaries.  If control is central to our well-being than we tend to label all that does not fit into our dogma boundary as "wrong," or "bad."  At its worst, religion goes around killing people who think outside our box, our comfort zone.  One of the reasons there is so little Interfaith Dialogue, is that we use our energy to defend our boundary, our box, and have no interest in listening to truth that might be outside our comfort zone.  God is infinite and cannot be boxed.  We can only know a little about God.  Some have said that the beginning of wisdom is when you realize you know only a  little.  Jesus said that his relationship to God was Oneness.  This is a relationship, and not a definition of God.  Cultures give God a gender.  God does not have gender.  God is beyond all our thoughts about God, so say the mystics.

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