Thursday, May 19, 2016


Well, children, if you read yesterday's blog you know that change happens.  Sometimes it feels good and sometimes it does not, but if we are going to grow up we have to go through changes.  Permanence is an illusion fostered by fear.  Maybe your First Grade was your happiest, with your favorite teacher.  But you cannot stay in the First Grade forever.  Some of us act like first graders as we grow up biologically, and that is a big problem.  I had dragon lady nuns in the third and sixth grade.  Moving on from them was a relief.  We have to grow  through the good times and the not so good.  It can all be a learning experience.  Christians call it cross and resurrection.  Summer is a time for lots of change.  People change grades, schools, jobs, and places where they live.  I made my first move when I was twelve, from the Bronx to White Plains, New York.  It was a tough move at the time, but I made life long friends in White Plains.  My sister, Maureen, had it even tougher than me.  She was sixteen and had to change high schools.  Fortunately, White Plains had enough witches so Maureen could make new friends.  Scary place sometimes, but it toughened me up.  Beyond fear of change, there are so many wonderful new discoveries.  Stay open.

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