Thursday, May 26, 2016


As we age, some of us think, "Who will remember me when I die? Will anyone know I made a difference?"  We think that if we are remembered after we die, or praised for good works while we are alive, we think this shows that we made a difference.  Maybe being remembered or praised is not so special.  Of the twelve Apostles, we know next to nothing about almost all of them, and a few anecdotes about a couple, or a letter or two.  I don't think this is a historical mistake in our record keeping.  God just might want us to do good deeds and not be known or praised for them.  Be anonymous in the life of the Spirit.  Th historical record of Jesus is threadbare, to say the least, outside of the Bible.  In fact, I suspect that the New Testament was written so that people would not forget.  Look at the universe.  Do you see God shouting out?  Science senses that there is something there or here, but "God" or the "Divine" is not a certainty to them.  So don't worry if no one knows your good works.  This may prove you are on the right path.

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