Saturday, May 21, 2016


Right outside my window, across our narrow driveway, is the neighbor's roof.  Right now, roofers are at work.  They make noise and disturb my monastic quiet.  They have taken over my driveway with their ladders and refuse falling down from the roof.  I cannot get my car out.  What to do?  I could have a commentary that says I am a prisoner of my own house, there is too much commotion for me to work and pray.  I hate these roofers.  I hate my neighbor!  I am not too fond of God.  Time for sugar.  Or worse.  But today is a miracle, that is, a response that is not the norm for me.  Acceptance.  Peace.  I am helping my neighbor by letting my space be used to expedite this roofing job.  I am making life easier for the roofers.  I am being helpful and not focusing on me.  I must be channeling some holy person, certainly not Terry Ryan.  Or are your prayers for my soul having this effect?  Keep praying.

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