Monday, May 16, 2016

Dental Spirituality

My dentist is key to my spirituality.  This may sound strange, but it is true.  I am waking up too much in my sleep.  This makes me sleepy during the day when I try to sit and meditate, or read spiritual books.  While others sit and get transformed, I fall asleep.  In a few weeks I go off to the monastery for a summer.  Lots of sitting in prayer, and snoozing off.  Bad for transformation.  But my dentist makes these mouth guards that go over your teeth and push your bottom jaw forward so the tongue does not get in the way of breathing when I sleep.  Learned all this in sleep lab tests.  If my dentist can make this mouth guard, or adjustable positioner to fit me before I go to the monastery, I will sleep better.  Then I will pray better.  Then I will get holy.  I never thought that my door to holiness was through my dentist, but there you have it.  Say a prayer for my dentist.

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