Monday, June 27, 2016

Creation At Work

Watch a person pitch a baseball overhand.  You are watching someone who is working against creation.  That is why so many pitchers get injured.  Monkeys cannot throw much of anything with any speed or accuracy.  But about two million years ago, give or take, Homo Erectus developed a shoulder that was different than a monkeys.  Up to then, travel was minimal.  You had to go where food grew, which means you did not travel over more arid places to discover new lands.  With the shoulder mutation, you could.  Why?  Erectus could now throw rocks, and then developed spears.  They could hunt animals for food.  So now they could travel and see the world.  At that time you did not throw a lot, just enough to get the food you needed.  Eventually, technology caught up with the need for this shoulder.  We developed bow and arrow, and then the gun.  Shoulder not needed with this new technology.  Then sports came along and humans began to throw a lot of things, such as javelins, and baseballs.  The shoulder was meant to hunt a little for today's meal, not do all this contortions in sports.  So people get injured and need surgery or end up having to quit the sport, and suffer a lot of pain for which they might take pain pills.  I think of God as creator who gave us the human shoulder, and we took it into a place it might not belong, throwing baseballs.  Whenever my body says, "Don't do that," I think it is a God message.  I ignore it at my peril.  Gotta' go for my run!

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  1. I love reading a post where a priest talks about evolution. God help me keep evolving.