Thursday, June 2, 2016

I Did That

I was reading someone's spiritual memoir.  At one point, the fellow referred to driving home on three wheels.  Wow!  I suddenly realized that I had done that one time.  Of course, no one drives home on three wheels after attending church, sacrificing self in service to others, or practicing sobering behavior.  In my case, a nice Catholic boy, I had stayed up all night, sipping beer/wine, and writing a "beautiful" love letter to a girl with whom I was smitten.  The letter was full of self-pity, as I poured my heart out.  At dawn, finished with the letter, I drove to her house and dropped it off at the front door.  Then I drove home.  I was "sober" of course.  Then why did I start to fishtail my car on the highway exit, go through the exit crossway, slam into a high curb, where one tire blew right off the rim, and keep going across a grass field, to finally stop at a fence?  With clear thinking of course, I backed up onto the freeway and drove to the next exit and into my carport, on three tires and a rim.  The insurance agent asked if I had been drinking, as I was speeding that early hour of the morning.  "Of course not," I lied.  Well, maybe I was not such a good Catholic boy.  I was a newly hired stock broker.  The three wheel experience suggested to me, that maybe I had been spared to do something else?  At least to ask the question, "What do I want to do with this precious life that I have?"  The brokerage business lasted about a year.  There are many far better brokers than I ever would be.  But I am an Irish story teller, to the chagrin of my sister, Maureen.  But sometimes I can make your day, no?  So what will you do with this one precious life that you

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