Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Life To The Fullest

When I hear people say that they want to "Live life to the fullest," they often mean that they want to go places, and do activities and meet people that are all new to them, or to go back to such events and repeat them.  They are often into traveling to places and seeing new things.  Beneath it all, there might be a certain restlessness, especially if all their living life events are external.  I do not have a real interest in travel to new places.  It is not so much that I am a homebody or into routine or even afraid.  My journey to new places is an interior one.  Without meditation I would become restless and might then look to outside events to fill me up.  In some ways you might think my world very small.  I think of it as very deep.  But then again, I am a from the Bronx.  After The Big Apple, everything else is a nice place to visit.  Then I discovered San Francisco.  A must, even for meditators.

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