Sunday, June 5, 2016


Some people say that nothing good can come from a bad situation.  I tend to think otherwise.  I believe that there is a light in the darkness.  For instance, we may be going along in life sidestepping disasters, covering up our messes, and just getting by with a slow, imperceptible downward trend.  At this point we "desire" to get better, to heal, to reform, to grow, or to improve.  But desire does not seem to have any power to it.  Then a real dark disaster comes along.  We cannot seem to escape it, push it away, ignore it or fix it as we had in the past.  Where is the light here?  "Desperation" is the light.  Desperation has a whole lot of power to it.  Many of us will only act in a desirable way when we are desperate.  I have found that if I keep desperate past times in my memory box, it keeps me from sloughing off on the solution when times seem to improve.  I am the kind of guy who cannot coast in the spiritual solutions to my life.  

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