Saturday, June 25, 2016

Wild Child

Today is my sister Elizabeth's birthday.  You did not know that I had two younger sisters?  Well, I do. I was only four when she came along.  It meant one more kid in the apartment that my big sister Maureen had to watch at times.  What useless siblings we were.  Anyway, Maureen turned out to be pretty much like our Mom.  She had four kids and was the Mom.  Elizabeth became the wild child.  I was a wild child but that was when I really was pathetically old for being such.  Elizabeth was more the wild child at the appropriate age.  Now she goes to church and is a responsible grandma.  She lives a quiet life of healthy adult activities in Florida.  So, if you have a wild child, it might only be a chapter in their and your life.  In time, good things can happen.  I have found that out in my own life, one day at a time.

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  1. Thank you - AGAIN!!!!! How do you hit the nail on the head so often!!!!