Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Gun

Continuing with thoughts from yesterday's blog, God created the shoulder to approve the lot of homo Erectus and down the line, the fully human person.  We could throw stones at animals.  We could also throw stones at one another.  Stoning someone to death became capital punishment for some offenses.  Religion sanctioned it.  Throwing stones could hunt an animal or kill a human person.  It came from the creation of the shoulder.  Then humans created the gun.  Actually, I believe the Chinese figured out gunpowder but it took Western European stock, to actually invent the gun.  The gun can hunt animals, or kill a person.  I suspect the percentage of total population killed by stoning is far less than the percentage of the total population killed by guns.  One thing they do have in common.  Anyone can find a stone to throw, and it seems anyone can find a gun to shoot.  Freedom, and the right to self-protect for the guns.  Stones won't do much self-protection.  But then comes Orlando, a far cry and a long distance from the evolution of the shoulder.  Assault rifles in night clubs?  If this is all part of the evolution of homo Erectus, we are going down a dark road.

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