Saturday, June 11, 2016

Open And Honest

People tend to thank me when I preach openly and honestly about my foibles as part of the Homily message.  I sense the reason they are thankful is that they do not have people in their lives who share openly and honestly about shortcomings.  It is rather easy to run into people who defend their bad behavior, who lie, gossip, make judgments of others, and are generally self-focused and maybe fearful.  I like to get together with people who know they are all or some of these things and more, but who admit to it and then talk about what they are trying to do so as to avoid bad behavior.  Honesty, with a solution is very refreshing on the spiritual road.  I have found it so.  Of course, my sister, Maureen, was very honest about my failings, but I was not ready to hear it at the time.  She was "Before my time."

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  1. Thank you, again for another good read. Going to try to be better today. For a while at least.