Thursday, June 9, 2016

Psalm 123

Psalm 123 says, "To you Lord, I lift up my eyes."  I had an experience of doing that at 3:30 AM one morning at 8,000 feet altitude, outside a monastery.  I looked up at a moonless sky and saw all these stars that are always here waiting for me and the right moment of darkness to enjoy them.  It is God's vast creation, of which I am a small part, passing through in this body.  It is a magnificent view of God at work.  Whenever I can lift up my eyes to the night sky, I am looking up at the Creator of it all.  This experience gives me the gift of humility.  My problems are not so great nor am I the center of the universe.  Yet, this same Creator of vastness seems to have time and space to Love me.  It is this kind of experience that sustains me, and maybe put some meat on the bones of dogma.

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