Wednesday, June 22, 2016

God Priority

A person said that she thought she needed to make God a priority in her life, ahead of her marriage, family and job.  Wow!  I don't think so much about seriously changing my life to prioritize God.  I think rather of making God the first thing in my day, as a way of making God be first.  I wake up a few minutes earlier than my other commitments demand, and I pray.  It does not have to be any specific amount of time.  God and I are not on the clock.  The point is, that I gave up something, sleep, in this case, to spend time in the God relationship.  If you are starting out, then don't overdose early on.  Just a few minutes, maybe ten or twelve, to get into the habit.  Allow the God hunger to develop and carry you along.  Remember, God is in this process with you.  I hear about people who burn out because they treat this meditation/prayer time like someone who decides to exercise.  They join a gym on January 2.  They go everyday for about six weeks.  They neglect family, job, and other responsibilities.  Their life becomes crazy.  By mid-February they have left the club and given up exercise.  Be good to yourself and God.  Start small.  Go easy.  The journey is one small step at a time.  

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