Tuesday, June 14, 2016


GPS stands for "God's Plan's, Stupid."  It means that I should check on what God's plans are for me before I try to set out with my plans, without God in mind.  This is the reason for daily prayer.  Not the daily prayer of asking God for stuff, since that is really more of my plans, but the prayer of listening.  We spend time here at the monastery in quiet mediation.  This is when I open myself to what direction God wants me to go, or the attitude I need, to best accomplish today's tasks/chores.  When you decide to go someplace in your modern car, and you are not sure of how to get there, especially if it is for the first time you are going to some specific place, do you not consult a GPS in your car or cell phone?  Otherwise, you might become lost, or waste a lot of time and energy wandering around.  Prayer helps me to not spend a lot of time lost in my own plans.  Each day is new and calls for guidance to live it at my best. God is a good guide.  To ignore the guide, is to be stupid.  GPS is to check God's plans for me or end up living in a stupid fashion.

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