Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Avoiding Jesus

There are baptized parents who have decided not to raise their children with any talk about Jesus and Christianity.  Seems strange.  Why? Well, for one, Jesus did exist.  So did the Buddha.  They both were geniuses in the art of living.  Isn't that something worth knowing about?  Christianity founded hospitals, programs for helping the destitute, great schools of learning.  Christianity supported the arts, music, theatre and science.  Yes, science.  Why would you ignore all that.  Maybe what parents want to avoid is all the bad stuff about Christianity, the wars and hypocrisy, and power plays.  Welcome to history. You want to skip that too?  You think there is none of that in studying business, science and engineering?  That there are no charlatans and politics in all that?  Instead of ignoring the god that you don't like, and probably does not even exist, except in bad Sunday school teaching, why nog talk about creation, cosmos, unifying principles and what might be behind them? In other words, pose questions, the Socratic method.  Let the child think, wonder, read poetry.  I doubt you will find any of this in your STEM schools.

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