Sunday, August 21, 2016


People who think that suicide might be a solution often are into balancing out living versus being dead depending on the pain level for one or the other.  Which might hurt worse?  If a person believes that being dead would not hurt but that being alive hurts a whole lot, then they are in a very difficult spot.  We sometimes say, "How could they do that to themselves?" as if their suicide, slow or fast, was a whole lot worse than their staying alive.  That is an opinion, a belief, a teaching about the wrong of suicide.  I suspect that many a person who was against suicide, got very fuzzy about it when living began to hurt to the point where their judgment, their upbringing, their beliefs in the value of their life got real fuzzy.  I try to have compassion.  Then I ask what their death can each me about how I need to take care of the life that I still have in this body.  And then I pray for gratitude.

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