Monday, August 15, 2016

Be Myself

"I am happy.  I'm myself, and I want to be myself."  This is a quote from a fellow who knew that people were coming soon to kill him.  He happened to be a missionary working in Peru.  The Shining Path people had him on their hit list.  The missionary did not ask to be spared for a long life, or for "more" of anything.  So many times we tend to focus on stuff that is much less significant than being who God made us to be.  It can take a long time to find out who we are, but if we don't even have it as our goal, than most likely we never find out.  We spend our time chasing after substitutes, the "more," to fill up that seemingly empty space within us.  The most important person who needs to like who you really are, is yourself.  If other people don't like that, it might be because they want you to be someone else for them, to fill up their inner hunger.  We can be charitable, kind and compassionate, but it is not our job to make someone else happy.  Find you, and be happy.

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