Monday, August 1, 2016

Awareness God

Whenever I have a thought about God, my thought is not God.  Thoughts are limited.  Thoughts are about duel thinking, which is how we think.  There is me who is thinking and there is the "other," whatever I am thinking about.  God and me are separate.  Meditation that pays no attention to thoughts, is an attempt to enter into non-duel thinking.  In meditation, I don't ask for anything from this "other" God.  I simply sit, ignore thoughts, and wait in the silence and solitude.  If I grab onto a thought I notice my breathing, for two or three breaths, so as to let go a bit of clinging onto the thought that is distracting me.  At time, I become aware of a simple presence, without images.  This presence is near, very near, and peaceful.  I sense this presence is all around and through me.  When I eventually open my eyes, I might sense that this presence is everywhere I go.  This insight can pass very quickly, in too brief a moment.  While in this awareness, I sense a lot of peace, love, trust and energy.  This is all much more beneficial to me than whatever my agenda or plans for God are.  I may not get what self-focused me wants, but I sense I get what I need.  Works for me.

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