Monday, August 22, 2016


If we are growing, not stagnating, then life will be a series of transitions.  This is not the same as Geographic Solutions to our misery, that is, moving somewhere else because I am unhappy.  You might be in a quite wonderful situation, place, job, income, but something gnaws at you inside.  If you are growing in an interior or spiritual sense, this gnaw is a good thing.  It is telling you that you are drawing to the end of this part of your life, this manner of living.  The present was good for your development.  It has done its job.  Now you are feeling a call to move on to the "next."  A physical move is not always part of this transition.  One can live in the same place, but one will begin to live in a different manner.  Each person is different, but growth always has transitions.  It is like a child who is physically growing.  The child cannot continue to wear the same clothes forever.  It would become a bad fit.  So it is with life.  From time to time, we outgrow a good fit.  At times, I ask myself, "What's next!"  Where and how I live and what I do might be a good fit for now.  But even with that I find myself changing in the way and manner and content of what I do.  I do not see myself "retiring" as in not doing anything anymore.  People who retire well are people who transition from one way to another way that is growth.  A full life is not a series of lateral moves, at least not in the long term.  So, what is next for you?

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