Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Inevitable Next Time

The "Inevitable Next Time," is not a good solution to life problems.  It is a solution of choice for many people because it seems to bring some short term gain or relief.  Then you realize that the solution has its own problems.  So now you have two problems, your original life problems, and now your solution, "The inevitable next time."  You vow you will stop this solution.  You use knowledge and will power.  Phooey!  You fail.  That is why the solution is inevitable.  It keeps coming back to hurt you.  An example: running makes you feel better.  You run 10 miles three days in a row, hard.  You get injured.  You have to stop running.  You say, "Now I know I cannot run three hard days at 10 miles per day."  Injury heals.  You start up running again.  You feel better.  You like feeling better, and would like "more" better.  So you up milage and days running, and boom, you get injured and now the injury is worse, maybe chronic.  And so on.  I know.  I have been there.  So what to do?  Talk to someone who knows about my inevitable next time solution.  I find someone with experience who can coach me, show me a better way.  With help, I solve my solution problem,  on a day to day basis, and now I can go on to find a healthier way, to work on my life problems.  There are coaches, counsellors and sponsors for that too.

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