Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Feeling Better

"Felling Better" can have its own problems.  At times I may be having a problem with something such as diet, exercise, work pattern.  I look around, ask for advice, experiment and come up with a solution to my issue at that time.  The solution works.  I begin to feel better.  But now I have lost the impetus to keep with the solution, to discipline myself.  The unpleasantness of my problem was what got me to change.  Unpleasantness gone, I drop the solution and go back to old behavior.  With exercise, I feel that when I can run, I am simply between injuries.  I have to practice a daily dose of solution, and not wait for pain.  Maybe I am the problem?  What about you?


  1. Gotta live in the now - not the between. Could be the injury is just between good spells. The now, be it joy or pain is real - the other stuff is projections. Brain runs away projecting this or that, but we can only be here now.