Wednesday, August 31, 2016

A Cramp

If you want to let go of the ego, that is, stop being led by your own self-centeredness, and personal agenda, then think of the ego as a "cramp."  If you have a cramp in your leg, you do not exert yourself, or the muscle.  You try to relax the muscle.  You let go.  You try to be still and wait.  This is why we meditate.  We want to let go of those things, ego cramps, that get in the way of us becoming all we are meant to be.  Ego driven people are never really happy, are they?  If we want to run to the fulness of life, we have to keep from cramping.  Meditation is part of the training program.

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  1. A bitter pill to swallow, but perhaps the very best medicine for what ails me!