Sunday, August 7, 2016


I like the turtle.  Unlike me, the turtle does not have to think about getting from where it is now, A, to its destination, B.  The turtle can just be in the now moment.  Why?  The turtle is always at home, because it carries its home on its back.  It can be in the moment, rather than focus on getting somewhere.  When I am on a journey, there is always the destination to which the journey is taking me.  For the mystic though, and the turtle, the journey is the destination.  The mystic is always at home in themselves.  Yes, the mystic and the turtle need to get to food and water, but not in some fearful sense of preoccupation.  They can seek some basic needs, while staying in the moment.  The turtle moves slowly, not frantic about what is missing in its life.  Its very nature is to not be a hurry.  Deep prayer takes stillness.  Maybe this blog will help you to gear down to turtle pace within your heart.

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